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Simone de Haas


A multi-award-winning Theatre Director, Producer & Performer, Simone de Haas has a brilliance with stage and story that has been honed by a theatrical career of over 30 years.

An expert in the areas of presentation and public speaking skills, stagecraft & story-telling for leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs, Simone brings a unique and diverse set of skills to assist her clients through the Theatre of Leadership in developing Executive Presence, Leadership Communications & Business Storytelling.

Simone’s clients benefit greatly from her ability to identify and amplify their Iconic Brilliance™. Her perceptive insights and capacity to draw out the best in individuals and teams has contributed significantly to the success of her clients in both the creative arts as well as the corporate arena in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Areas of Expertise

Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
Advanced Stagecraft
Business & Personal Storytelling
Handling Speaking Nerves
Stage Presence