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Simon Hankins


Born and bred 6th generation Kiwi and very proud of it. Loves the New Zealand way of forging paths where others have tried and failed, or been too safe to attempt. Simon is a true believer of consistent hard work and doing the hard yards to accomplish tasks and goals.

In Simon’s life he has pushed ahead, sometimes against the grain, and cut out a place for himself in the world of graphic & website design. Through constant trial and error he has learnt some extremely useful and transferable skills. Not limiting himself to just those disciplines, he has dove head first into Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing to merge the visual with the functional and searchable.

Currently Simon works with John Quinn & Team at and also runs his own business Victory Graphic Design. He has a lot of knowledge and blunt wisdom when talking about how business should be online and set up properly to get web traffic and leads.


Natasha Sinclair, Owner Operator | Indafrica 
I’ve been working with Simon for just over 12 months now primarily on SEO with some graphic design work. Very professional, great communicator and we are seeing excellent results from his work. Highly recommended.


Du Andy, Owner | Huttmover & Localshops Wellington
Thank you Simon for your great work. Fast response and good communication. Reasonable prices too. Would like to recommended to others. Thank you.


Catherine Fallon, Operations Manager | Queenstown Chamber of CommercePresentation looks fantastic – very slick and will definitely give AudienceAlive a plug on the night and going forward.


John Carran, Senior Economist | Kiwiwealth
We are very impressed with Audience Alive’s professional and responsive PowerPoint design. Together with the audience engagement system, our presentation to clients was lifted to a significantly higher level.

Industry Expertise

Graphic Design
Website Design
Search Engine Optimization
Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing

Presentation Design
Business Services
Information Technology and Services
Marketing & Sales

Presentation Topics

The fundementals of a good business website.

Search Engine Optimization – Why do I need SEO for my business website?


Bachelor of Visual Arts – Graphic Design
In 2008 Simon graduated from WINTEC (Waikato Institute of Technology) majoring in Graphic Design with Digital Design papers.

Sample Talks


It costs a lot of money to organize a conference. Not just the cost of a venue, the cost of entertainment, and the cost of travel. The opportunity cost of having an audience in the room, and not somewhere else. It matters if a conference is successful. It’s surprising that every detail of a conference is planned, except for the presentations. Menus are planned, rooms are planned, bands are booked, printing is done ? everything runs smoothly. But the typical conference presentation has no input from organizers ? even at a company conference. Sure, there may be a conference PowerPoint template to use. But each presenter types his or her own presentation. Each presentation is full of bullet points and text ? boring to write, let alone to sit through. Dozens of presentations, 100s of slides, 1000s of bullet points. Mind- numbing for the audience. Yet, surely the presentations are the reason for having the conference?

Imagine a conference where messages are considered as a whole. Imagine a conference that genuinely meets its objectives. Satellite Visual Communication is all about effective presentations. We turn bullet points into visuals. We train lacklustre presenters and make them stars. We turn isolated presentations into a rich tapestry of ideas and cross-references. And we can make your conference interactive using the latest audience response systems to engage the delegates and improve memory retention of your message. Attached are the options we recommend to improve your upcoming event. We promise your audience will thank you.


Local government infrastructure managers and engineers meeting