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Emma Ferris


In 2010, Emma Ferris had what she describes as a ‘handbrake moment’. It was a moment that would make her question everything she believed she knew as a clinical physiotherapist and wellbeing practitioner. And on a personal level, it nearly brought her to her knees. The discovery and learning that Emma undertook to get through stress, illness and very tough times would lead her to discover what true wellness looks like and the critical link between effective breathing and health and happiness.

Before The Butterfly Effect (, Emma thrived on stress. Good stress, but stress none the less and it took its toll. It wasn’t until a moment of calamity became a moment of clarity that she realised that managing stress was the foundation of vibrant health and happiness.

How did Emma get through her ‘handbrake moment’? It all came down to the simplest, most natural of tasks. Breathing.

Today, Emma Ferris has transitioned from clinical practice to become the trailblazer behind The Butterfly Effect. As a wellness architect, public speaker Physiotherapist and breathing geek, she is truly, madly, deeply committed to teaching the world to breathe effectively. As well as being the creator of The Big Exhale online breathing course Emma is passionate about educating both companies and communities on how we have the power to change our wellness story and better understand how to change stress to calm.

Emma’s straightforward, yet empathetic approach will have you laughing one moment and in the next reflecting on how our thoughts, emotions and habits influence our nervous system. As Emma says “small changes have a big impact” and when it comes to health and wellness small habits add up.


Paula Moore
Emma’s workshop today was incredible. I felt more relaxed than I had in months when I left! A great combination of practical education and breathing and relaxation exercises. Highly recommend! 


Courtney Giddens, HR | Anderson Lloyd Lawyers
We were referred to Emma by the director of My Health Passport to come in and speak to staff as part of our Wellness Programme.  The legal profession in general is a high stress and busy environment to work in and we believe that having the right tools to deal with that stress is very important.  Emma spoke to our staff for just under an hour, across all four of our offices via VC.  She gave them some insight into the importance of good breathing practices and also some exercises we can do while sitting at our desks.  Staff have given us nothing but positive feedback and I would highly recommend her to any business.


Ray Hermens
I attended Emma’s seminar in Timaru last night. Wow. Really was eye opening and found it extremely beneficial. Thank you Emma! I will be going online with you from here on in. AAA+++


Aimee Cornforth
Breathing should be easy, but it’s something I have always struggled with especially growing up with asthma. But thanks to Emma and The Big Exhale, it is now a lot easier already.  Even if you find breathing easy and already use your tummy and nose, you will still learn something from Emma and The Big Exhale to help you become an even better breather and probably a lot calmer as well

Presentation Topics

The Good, Bad and Ugly Stress
Workplace Wellness Workshop
Find Your Calm

Below are a sample of courses we can offer:

The Good, Bad and Ugly Stress (1 hour duration)

While most of us dread the feeling of being stressed, the truth is it doesn’t have to be all bad. One of the best ways to manage stress is also one of the simplest… learn to love it. Join Emma Ferris, Physiotherapist and Breathing coach, to learn simple ways to help embrace stress and how breathing can change your body reaction in the moment.

Workplace Wellness Workshop (1-2 hours duration)

Take a moment to pause, breathe and smile. In this 1 hour intenstive workshop learn how Emma reflects on our daily habits that have a huge impact on to our work and life. This is the PERFECT environment for your staff to learn tools and techniques, to build a foundation of resilience and calm.

Find Your Calm (2 hour duration)

Based on the philosophy that small changes have a big impact, Emma shares the simple and safe steps you can take to breathe better and find calm, balance and vibrant health. Drawing on Emma’s wealth of knowledge as a physiotherapist, breathing coach and Pilates instructor, this workshop will help you discover your hidden superpower: your breath!

Learn more about Emma and the work she has done