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As a Creative Producer, DK is the TEDxWellington / TEDxWellingtonWomen licensee, founder of Creative Welly plus the Creative Leadership NZ conference. He’s also a Speaker Coach, working with CEO’s and senior executives plus a random ex-All Black and Dame thrown into the mix. Previously, DK founded Mediasnackers and through it has over a decade of working in the social media space consulting / delivering training on five continents and to a cross-sector range of clients from UNICEF, Gates Foundation, BBC, Ubisoft, Hasbro plus spent time as a social media manager for a national education company in NZ. He also established Collider, a city-wide programme focused on transforming Wellington into an internationally recognised Smart Capital (with 200 events in 14 months with over 5000 attendees averaging quality rating of 4.2 and above (out of 5)). DK loves ‽’s.


Clive Spink
Chief Executive Officer, Pukeko Pictures

“DK has provided great coaching in developing my story for a number of key presentations. He has a great ability to connect and focus on the delivery and would wholeheartedly recommendation him.”

Arturo Arrarte
Head of Growth – APAC @ Slack

“I was fortunate to have DK’s coaching on preparing for an industry event presentation. DK brings a refreshing approach to workshopping the structure, content and style for delivering a memorable presentation. He’s very much focused on engaging with your audience and is great to have involved early in your process.”

Vicki Jackways
Head of Marketing, Park Road Post Production

“We contracted DK to run several sessions with members of our leadership team and other staff who are required to present ideas, solutions, explanations and work flow information to clients and audiences. The sessions were so insightful and the feedback was extremely positive, even the most cynical were surprised at what they could achieve and change the way one approaches preparation and off the cuff speaking. A highly productive and useful experience and one we will repeat.”

Linda Oliver
Result 9 Manager, MBIE

“DK says that “Public speaking is a skill that needs to be nurtured”. Coming at me was a number of high profile speaking events – and very little time to prepare, and I was out of practice. DK was my saviour! Over a few weeks I went from bumbling idiot to well – less so! And even received praise on a job well done. DK helped frame the conversation, refine some skills and introduce some new ones. Just what I needed. Thanks DK.”

Melissa Clark Reynolds
Company Director

“Even experienced professional speakers need help sometimes! Recently I had a showcase event for 200 conference organisers. I was so nervous, because I wanted to do such a good job (and have them book me, and my agent love me more). DK worked with me on my message, story, slide deck. He helped me get the cadence and rhythm of my talk just right (and I nailed it). His coaching made all the difference, and the bookings have been pouring in.”