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Diana Thomson


Diana combines 25 years of experience in business, as a commercial property manager, International Relocations Consultant and public speaking coach. 

Internationally trained speaker, Diana started her business Speech Marks to empower women with public speaking skills so their voices can be heard.

In the age of ‘Lean In’, and #MeToo, women are becoming more influential, from the community meeting to the board table.  But many are still not speaking up, they have lost their voices or never realised they could have one.  Learn what is holding them back and be inspired to mentor them to find their voice. Diana brings humour to this challenging subject, her personal story will sound familiar to many who have taken time out to have a family, but also to those that are lacking the confidence to speak up.  She hopes to inspire women and men to mentor and coach others to take opportunities to speak.

She reframes the concept of public speaking as an everyday skill that all people have and guides audiences up a ‘staircase of speaking’ whether they crawl, walk or run up it.

She provides public speaking workshops, either one day or a six session learn by doing course.  She offers private public speaking coaching great for people with a specific speaking engagement. She is an accomplished MC, lively and fun, with a unique ability to evaluate speeches and presentations and review them with the audience to increase retention and engagement.  She can even help the speakers at events beforehand to prepare. 

She is co-owner of She Says So Women’s Speaking Community and Her first book – The Naked Speaker will be published in June 2019.


Ann Hood, CEO | RASNZ
Diana’s professionalism and enthusiasm made a great impact. All the participants enjoyed the workshops and expressed increased confidence in their ability to speak in public. 


Kim Pannell | Endeavour Solutions Auckland
Diana’s interactive manner of practising techniques assisted in overcoming the challenges facing those who were not comfortable presenting and public-speaking.  She has a great energy and delivered a polished and professional course, ensuring it was relevant to all those who attended.  I am more than happy to recommend her, and would definitely make use of her services again.

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Or Diana can speak and train on the DiSC personality profiling and it’s applications in public speaking and communication.